Having an Exit Plan is simply good Business Strategy

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Value Gap Analysis is part of the "Triggering Event" before passing through Gate 1 of the Value Acceleration process. CLICK HERE for more information about the Value Acceleration process.

How Are Businesses Valued?

The common ways a business is valued are as follows:

We focus on CFME as it is the simplest method to understand and is the most common method used for valuing small businesses. The two components are:

The good news is that you can definitely control and improve EBITDA and to a certain extent you can control the multiple applied. The multiple tends to be a range of say 2-4 so you can work on your business to move it from a multiple of 2 to a 3 or a 4.

So let's have a deeper dive by way of an example.

Company A had no exit plan and decided to sell only 6 months before wanting to retire and had too little time to present the business in it's best light. It had a recast EBITDA of $100k and a multiple of 2 (the industry range was 2-4).
Company B had decided 2 years before retirement to plan for the sale of the business. By working with a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) they increased their recast EBITDA from $100k to $120k and worked on their attractiveness so that they had a multiple of 3.
Company C has been running his business for over 5 years with the end in mind and put a comprhensive plan in place with the help of a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) so his recast EBITDA is $130k and his multiple is 4.

Company A Value - $100,000 x 2 = $200,000
Company B Value - $120,000 x 3 = $360,000
Company C Value - $130,000 x 4 = $520,000

I am confident that 100% of business owners would choose the Company C result.

The difference between the $200,000 and the $520,000 in the above example is called the VALUE GAP and this is what you could leave on the table if you have no Exit Plan.

We stated above that the Value of a business when valued by the CFME method is based on recast EBITDA times a multiple. Through the philosophy of Value Acceleration you can move that multiple through a range (in the example above from 2 to 4). You can also improve the recast EBITDA using Value Acceleration as well. Our Value Gap Analysis software allows varies scenarios to be created and analysed:

  1. BASE LINE SCENARIO - Selling the business now without Value Acceleration.

Below is an example of our Value Gap Analysis software in action allowing a very visual analysis between where the value of the business is now and where it could be once the Value Acceleration process has been undertaken. The important thing to remember is that the Value Acceleration process takes time. Ideally up to 3 years prior to the business being listed for sale. Please note we do not do formal Business Valuations we help you make an informed Value Assessment.

Value Gap Analysis

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